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The Galactic Gazette: Star Wars News at HJ
Focus on the Force: Star Wars Commentary and Analysis at HJ
The Pipeline: What's In Store for Faith and Film
Film Festival Roundup
HJ's iON Comic-Con
Bagshot Row Bulletin: News of the film, commentary about the book
Man Of Steel (2013)
The Real Man of Steel
The Humanity and Divinity of Superman

The story of Superman has always been more about the way that he relates to us than our ability to relate to his experience. Despite his incredible powers, the Son of Krypton continues to fight on behalf of the human race, defending them out of love.

Tasting Menu
The Last Supper
The end . . . and beyond

And what of us when we face an ending or a new beginning? What opportunities will we find in each new day? Although I doubt it is intentional, the film is opening on Good Friday and a few days after Passover. Those are examples of endings that opened up to futures no one expected.

A Tale of Survival
Disneynature's Earth Day present to us all

Bears is this year’s Earth Day release from Disneynature. These films are always gorgeously photographed and entertaining excursions into the wilderness to see animals in real life situations. They are a visual celebration of nature and wildlife. They are designed to be family movies that will appeal to all ages.

The Hobbit
Muster of Rohan - No There and Back Again?
Bagshot Row Bulletin

Yesterday morning, TheOneRing.net posted information from a “reliable source” that New Line has registered another movie name: The Hobbit: Into the Fire. The speculation is the third movie, which has been advertised for years with the subtitle There and Back Again, may use this new title. However, the name change seems rather unlikely.

The Virtual Pew
Maunday Thursday
To Wash Anothers Feet

During the Easter Season and Holy Week we remember Jesus and his ultimate sacrifice of love for all of us. Today is a day during Holy Week that I especially appreciate. It is a day many in the church seem to have forgotten about, Maunday Thursday.

Gran Turino
Unexpected Angels, Surprising Saviors
The Films Of Lent

Another Clint Eastwood flick in my Lenten stack shares a story of sacrifice and unexpected Christ figures.

Spartacus, 1960
Love Ends At The Cross
The Films of Lent

As I watched the dramatic presentation of Spartacus during this Lenten season, I couldn’t help but think of the obvious comparisons between the character of Spartacus and the willingness of his followers to follow him, and my own willingness to follow Jesus.

Ingrid Michaelson
Lights Out
Duets and crossovers

2012’s Human Again saw a bit of a new direction, with slicker production and a sprinkling of electric guitars, but on Lights Out, Ingrid Michaelson ventures out into some bold new territory.

Heaven Is For Real
Taking the faith out of faith-based movies?

“Part of the reason that faith based movies haven’t done better is because they have been done so cheaply and almost amateurishly… so to me I always look for the best cinematographer, the best editor, the best composer; the best people I can find to come work on a movie.”

Heaven Is For Real
Beatific Vision
Is Heaven A Hope Or Tangible?

Honestly, I'm not at all interested in wrestling with whether or not this is “real.” I know some folks will want to jump all over that, and maybe I'll look at it down the road. For right now, I'd rather pull out the pieces of the film that spoke to me. And there were quite a few.

The Book of Eli
Fight The Good Fight
So that others may know...

Despite the attempt to minimize the Bible at the end (ranking it with the Torah, Tanakh and Qur’an), the biggest takeaway for me is still the idea that Eli fought, journeyed, and persevered through whatever means necessary to preserve the Bible’s words intact. And why? Because a voice in his head told him to do it. That passion was not self-generated.

Shawn McDonald
Bridging the crossover gap

McDonald brought it back to the start for an all acoustic disc, rerecording his hits in analog rather than digital, and it was hard to tell where he would venture next, but on Brave, it’s obvious that he is going big and looking at a crossover.

DVD Round-Up 4/15/14
Anger Management, Angry Birds, Atlantis, Copperhead
Mobius, Ride Along, Ripper Street

This week’s options aren’t Oscar hopefuls, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy them!

The Beats Journal 4/15/14
Mikeschair, Needtobreathe
A big week for CCM

Mikeschair and Needtobreathe represent CCM, but they are so much more.

The Color Purple
A Journey To Transformation
The Films of Lent

Shug: You just walk past the color purple and don’t notice it.
Celie: You mean that God just wants to be loved?
Shug: Everything wants to be loved.

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