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Christmas Movie Eliminator
The Galactic Gazette: Star Wars News at HJ
Focus on the Force: Star Wars Commentary and Analysis at HJ
The Pipeline: What's In Store for Faith and Film
Film Festival Roundup
HJ's iON Comic-Con
Bagshot Row Bulletin: News of the film, commentary about the book
The BoxTrolls
Darkly Entertaining
Can One's Nature Change?

The BoxTrolls continues Lakia’s track record of incredible stop-motion animation, and weirdly dark, twisted stories that often have a sweet moral to tell.

American Sniper
What Soldiers Have Seen
Eastwood Asks If We Owe Our Veterans More

As a doctor later implies to Kyle, there are things you can’t unsee. Whether it’s who he kills or who he watches die around him, from Iraqi citizens to his own comrades, the weight of death burdens Kyle, snowballing into an impossible weight of unresolved pain, anger, and sadness.

free pop devo
...more like wild for God

why such agony over what’s apparently
a random void,
a rock’s thoughts,
a _______________
without the___________?

DVD Roundup 1/22/15
23 Blast, Before I Sleep, The Green Prince
Jimi, Lucy, Welcome To Inspiration

Biopics, thrillers, and documentaries. It’s all here in this week’s offerings.

A.D. The Bible Continues
Burnett and Downey Unveil New Miniseries to Air Starting Easter Sunday
A new cast awaits

Asked about the role of Jesus, de Pace noted that in addition to being a huge responsibility, it’s a daunting and humbling experience, one that “demands that you listen.” He said that playing Jesus required him to strip everything away and become simple and loving.

Laying Down Our Lives
Exploring The Conjuring's Prequel

When the chips are down, the Forms are forced to face the reality that it’s not all about the safe suburban storybook life they’ve created.

The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies
Greed, Love and Racism in the final Hobbit film

I admit it. I might not be the most qualified person to review The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies, but I do love a good story wrapped in the fabric of a good film! The Battle of the Five Armies finishes the trilogy in a very satisfying manner, and still holds its own as an independent work.

Some wear their hats better than others

Panning from computer terminals through wires down to the level of creeping code, Mann breathes a semblance of cinematic verve into a cyber-attack. The power plant suffers a meltdown. Unfortunately, this harrowing sequence was the last visually interesting thing he accomplished in the movie.

Zero Motivation
Military Sloth
The do-nothing world of rear echelon military

Zero Motivation might be seen as an Israeli M*A*S*H lite. It carries the same sense of the frustrations and futility of army life for people who really don’t want to be there.

Star Wars (Marvel Comics)
Issue #1 (2015-)
The Gang is Back

What makes Star Wars so compelling, and I think this first issue captures it, is that you have these characters that are so different yet united under a single bond. Then you add the element of “the force” and it is a perfect rendering of good and evil, righteousness and sin, morality and immorality.

Black Or White
Official Trailer
In Theaters January 30th

A look at two seemingly different worlds, in which nothing is as simple as black or white.

free pop devo
The Best of 2014 (or: catch up with this blog with this catch-up post)

that’s right. below are some quick thoughts on my personal “Best of 2014,” so to speak, when it comes to books, music, movies, TV and games . . not necessarily things that even came out last year, btw . . just things that i experienced last year.

DVD Roundup 1/13/15
Boardwalk Empire, The Identical, My Left Foot

Two movies and a show about finding your voice fill this week’s docket of home video offerings.

Ella Henderson
Chapter One (Deluxe Edition)
My favorite new album of the (very young) year

British songstress Ella Henderson will just have turned 19 as her new album, Chapter One, releases in the States, but her maturity goes well beyond her age, and I hate touting the title “the next Adele,” but this might be the one.

Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit
Changes to the Story: The Tauriel Triangle
Taking Tolkien (and the audience) seriously

I do understand what Jackson was trying to do. The “triangle” is meant to bring the races of dwarves and elves together after a long rift. Tauriel’s ability to bridge deep prejudices helps save the day. And makes for a more interesting story—despite the holes it adds.

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