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The Virtual Pew
A Christmas Story
Chapter 3, Robbed

Detective Hay felt close to the Hamm’s. He saw the family at church and had been involved with them in numerous church activities. He always felt you could tell a lot about a family by the children. Being involved with the police force for as long as he had been helped educate him to the importance of the family raising children appropriately and involving them in church.

Revenge of the Green Dragons
Immigrants' Tale
Gangsters are gangsters regardless of ethnicity

It may seem blasphemous to some to suggest that the American Dream and Christianity have little in common. Yet, often they seem to work against one another. The Gospel is not about success. It is not about getting more than others. It is about emptying oneself. It is about servanthood.

With the Flow
The life of a river

A river is very much a living thing. It is an ecosystem, a resource, a place for enjoyment, a historical artifact. Yakona gives us a look at the San Marcos River in Texas and offers us a chance to appreciate its many facets.

23 Blast
Finding Sight In Blindness
Real-Life Football Player, Blinded, Rises Above It All

Travis Freeman, a real-life teenager from Corbin, Kentucky, goes blind overnight, throwing his world into darkness and impacting the lives of those in his family, on his football team, and within the community. But this is a bigger-than-Hollywood kind of sports story, the kind even Disney couldn’t dream up, as Freeman (played by Mark Hafka) decides that playing it safe is not an option.

Little Hope Was Arson
New Trailer Released For Acclaimed Documentary
'Little Hope' Comes With Plans To Premiere In Tyler, Texas

Little Hope Was Arson trailer

The Judge
Welcome To The Feud
Film Looks At Family, Pride, & Generational Scars

Walking away from the theater, I wanted to hug my kids tighter, and be less critical; I wanted to tell my wife I love her, and that we’re in it for the long haul. To me, that’s a successful film, if it can make you think, and process, and forgive. That’s story, scriptural or cinematic, and it’s the lifeblood of the lessons we learn and the hope we have for change.

The Beats Journal 10/21/14
Ben Howard, KJ-52, Martin Smith
What's new this week...

The newest disc from a British indie folkster, your newest Monday Night Football theme, and the former Delirious frontman solo, all on this edition of Beats Weekly

The Unglory Of War
David Ayer Explores The Nature Of Man

When is a war movie more than a glorification of war and violence? When it asks us to consider our own lives, regardless of whether we’re holding a weapon or not.

KJ-52 Mental
New Single TONIGHT Becomes Theme Song For ESPN's Monday Night Football
KJ-52 Signs Exclusive Booking Representation With GOA

KJ-52 set to release new album Mental On Oct 21, 2014

Evolution of a Criminal
A Story of Sin and Repentance
Honor student becomes bank robber becomes...

When Darius Clark Monroe was sixteen he was in honors classes at school. He served on the student council. He had a job and a loving family. When he was seventeen he entered prison after having been convicted of bank robbery. In Evolution of a Criminal, Monroe tells his own story of how this happened and, more importantly, what has happened since.

Beyond Seeing
Young blind Indian chess players

As we watch we may be challenged to rethink what we regard as disability. Certainly these boys are far better chess players that I ever was even with my advantage of being able to look at the chessboard and see where all the pieces are.

Adrift in Grief
Music, grace, and healing

Rudderless is the story of a man set adrift in his grief. Sam, an advertising executive, has his world torn asunder when his son dies in a shooting on a college campus. He just can’t get over it and two years later is living in an alcoholic haze on a boat.

What the Horror of War Reveals
Good Movie that Wanted to be Great

Fury is a movie that desperately wants to be considered one of the great war flicks of all time. It has the substance, and it has the atmosphere, but it’s too flawed and too grim to ever reach the lofty status it so obviously desires.

Comics Weekly 10-16-2014
Death of Wolverine
The Best There Is

Wolverine, to me, is a perfect example of turning tragedy into hope. He’s also a perfect example of unconditional love. He always had a big heart, and he had no quarrels with sharing it.

The Virtual Pew
A Christmas Story
Chapter 2 Christmas Eve

Charlie enjoyed Christmas more than any of the holidays and his house showed it. While the region surrounding Tulsa was noted for its holiday decorations, Charlie and Tayra had a house which truly exhibited the holiday spirit. The two story split-level home had lights surrounding its frame all of the way around the eves.

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