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The Galactic Gazette: Star Wars News at HJ
Focus on the Force: Star Wars Commentary and Analysis at HJ
The Pipeline: What's In Store for Faith and Film
Film Festival Roundup
HJ's iON Comic-Con
Bagshot Row Bulletin: News of the film, commentary about the book
The Virtual Pew
A Christmas Story

A Christmas Story is inspired by a story heard on the James Dobson radio show, Focus on the Family back in the early 1990’s. This fictional work is written with many Christian concepts in mind that were once taught in many if not most Anabaptist Churches and still taught in some.

DVD Roundup 9/30/14
From Dusk Till Dawn, Transformers 4

One TV show based on a movie- and one movie that’s the fourth of its kind.

The Wonder Of All Things
Jason Mott Asks Us If We Believe
The Returned's Author Takes On More Miracles

He’s already tackled whether dead people can return to life. Now, Jason Mott returns with an exploration of other miracles, like healing and real love.

The Good Lie
Interview With Screenwriter Margaret Nagle
"I'm A Storyteller"

Margaret Nagle bares her love for kids, the story she has to share, and the difference a movie might make.

The Virtual Pew
The World Or Your Soul
What Does It Mean To Be Your Brother's or Sister's Keeper?

There are hurting people all around us who make poor decisions, sometimes decisions that cost them their lives. Do we evaluate what we can do, how we can share a message of hope, salvation and opportunity, or are we satisfied with doing just enough to keep ourselves feeling good about doing something for someone else?

The Equalizer
Be Who You're Supposed To Be
Old Testament Eye-For-An-Eye

An eye for an eye? That’s the kind of justice Robert McCall dispenses in this rebooted, silver screen version.

More Than Friends?
Can they find a spark?

Wedlock is perhaps best characterized as an anti-romantic comedy. It takes the formula of a couple who are destined to be together, but somehow haven’t connected, and turns it on its head. Here are a man and woman who live together, but aren’t really what we would think of as a couple.

Art and Craft
Philanthropic Falsehood
Art forger gives it away

Mark Landis seeks to be a philanthropist. He has donated work by renowned artists to museums across America. Here’s the catch: They are all fakes which he has forged himself. Art and Craft lets us into Landis’s world and into the world of the art museums he fooled.

Smiling Through the Apocalypse
The Birth of The New Journalism
Esquire and its editor through the 60s

In the 1960s, Esquire published some of the best writers available: Tom Wolfe, Nora Ephron, Gay Talese, Norman Mailer, Peter Bogdanovich, John Updike, Gore Vidal, and William F. Buckley, Jr. (Vidal and Buckley had a celebrated kerfuffle in the pages of Esquire.) It became the standard of The New Journalism.

The Song
Cinematic Wisdom Of Solomon
Anthem Lights' Lead Singer Delivers Acting Gold

Grace Unplugged took a hard look at a musicialn’s rise to stardom; The Other Woman looks at an affair… and the path to freedom from one side of it. The truth is that The Song is probably better than both of them, in its intimate, close-up view, largely free of meandering and theatrical overacting.

Believe Me
Satire Examines Christian Mission
Guest Starring... Lecrae!

No satirical movie since Saved has the ability to grab ahold of the church the way that Believe Me can. With a solid, winsome cast of young people, a strong script aimed at peeling back the layers of Christianese and specifically Christian mission fundraising, this highly insightful film is as encouraging as it is critical.

Madam Secretary
Premiere Review
Disappointed, but hopeful

While disappointed, I’m hopeful. I’m hopeful that the show will step it up. While the pilot is not perfect, it does communicate a few things that we can assume are going to figure prominently.

One-On-One With Screenwriter Kenya Barris
What It's Like To Raise A Family

Kenya Barris takes us behind-the-scenes of his new show, and tells what it’s like to make a TV show about your own life experience.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D
Picking Up The Pieces
Season 2 Premiere

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D returns as Coulson and his team try to pick up the pieces after S.H.I.E.L.D has been torn down. The team is back, but not all of them are whole. The question is, what will they become?

Red Band Society
Life Doesn't Stop In The Hospital
A Look At The First Episode

Within the opening vignette of FOX’s premiere of Red Band Society, I’m hooked. I’m talking belly laughs…and a deep perspective on life that makes sense when you consider that no one wants to be in the hospital, and often, patients are facing their biggest fears; all too often, they are facing death. Little wonder if the humor reserved for mortuaries, prisons, and… pastor support groups prevails.

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The Hobbit... Whole: Movie and Book
Bagshot Row Bulletin: News of the film, commentary about the book
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The Galactic Gazette: Star Wars News at HJ
Focus on the Force: Star Wars Commentary and Analysis at HJ
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Narnia Features
Hogwarts Expressions
The Lord of the Rings, with Greg Wright
The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe

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