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Film Festival Roundup
HJ's iON Comic-Con
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Arts & Faith Top 25 Films on Memory
You Must Remember This
Do you remember these films?

Consider how much of our lives are consumed with memory–the scars of past cruelties, nostalgia for “good old days”, remembering the stories of ancient heroes, or a wedding or the birth of a child. Yet these memories are frail. They may go into hiding, or shift with time into something that isn’t really how it was.

A Most Violent Year
The Most Right Path
It's not really the mob movie it seems

A Most Violent Year has the look and feel of a mob movie, but that element is only on the periphery. Oscar Issac as Abel Morales has a strong vibe like Al Pacino in The Godfather, and Jessica Chastain as Abel’s wife Anna has trashy mobster’s daughter down perfect.

free pop devo
birdman or (you know who’s awesome? people)

of course, . . .
we also killed each other,
raped, robbed, lied, didn’t care . .

we can suck . .

we sucked today . . i know i did

but part of art is this briefest of respites . .
this one: humans can be awesome

CNN’s Finding Jesus
Part 1: The Shroud of Turin
People are Talking about Jesus... so I Rejoice

Whatever conclusions you may come to as you watch CNN’s series, I hope it will remind you of Christ. For me, it does not matter whether the relics are authentic or not. Any “proof”—either way—about a cloth or other venerated object, will not change my faith in Jesus Christ Himself. I am just glad people are talking about Him.

Maps to the Stars
Study in Narcissism
Finding one's place in the universe

David Cronenberg’s latest film, Maps to the Stars, is a little bit ghost story, a good helping of satire, some drama, a touch of Hollywood insider humor, a soupçon of love story, and a conclusion that could be the season finale for Game of Thrones.

The Widowmaker
Mammogram for the Heart
Is this test the answer to heart disease?

I suppose I have to admit to a bit of cynicism myself regarding this film. It just raised too many questions in my mind that the film didn’t address. I always felt the case was being made a bit to obviously to be completely trusted.

McFarland USA
The Red Carpet Treatment
McFarland shows up

A typical Sunday at my house is a pretty normal affair—wake up, go to church, then rest and prepare for the week ahead. On February 15th, the normalcy (at least for one night) crashed into the glimmering lights of Hollywood, as my wife and I attended the local premiere of McFarland USA in Bakersfield.
Some […]

Mat Kearney
Just Kids
Childlike faith and upbeat hooks

Four years later, if lyrics are any indication, his marriage still appears very strong, but sees Kearney as very comfortable in his position as a husband, musician, and man of God. The album, Just Kids is very personal at its core, and through thirteen songs, we see these truths play out.

Nate Ruess (of fun.)
"Nothing Without Love"
First new single from fun. frontman

The first single, “Nothing Without Love” picks right up where Some Nights left off, and is as bombastic and over the top as we’ve come to expect from fun. and the Format, and in all cases, it’s been a great thing.

Another (Excellent) Book About the Author
How an Obscure Oxford Professor Wrote The Hobbit and Became the Most Beloved Author of the Century

Is another book about the author of The Hobbit really needed? I suppose the short answer to the question is “No.” There are plenty of books out there which provide good information about JRR Tolkien. However, the better question is whether Brown’s Tolkien is a good choice for someone looking for such a book.

Best Foreign Language Film
Most Theological/Philosophical Category?
Perhaps the most thought provoking films nominated

I’m usually very interested in the Best Foreign Language Film category. This year I can double that interest. This year that category might make an interesting seminary class to talk about the way theology and spiritual ideas play out in films.

Who Should Win Best Picture
HJ folk make their picks

So a few of us who hang out at HJ have opinions on who we would like to win the Academy Award for Best Picture.

McFarland USA
Racing for the Future
A story worth taking a look at

If you’re looking for a movie that challenges one’s thinking, encourages and provides hope, and offers an opportunity to cheer, McFarland USA is a journey you’ll be thankful for taking.

AD - The Bible Continues
First Look at A.D. The Bible Continues
The series begins Easter Sunday

It’s Ash Wednesday, so it’s appropriate that we share this first look at A.D. The Bible Continues with you.
Here’s some information about the TV miniseries, slated to begin Easter Sunday:
This Easter Sunday, April 5th, 2015, join millions of viewers for the premiere of “A.D. The Bible Continues” and continue on a 12-week journey through what […]

free pop devo
thank God for games

where is this place? what will happen?
can i do it? . . ah, the
thrill of the
challenge of the
adventure of it!
ah, the story to be told!

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