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New Track Featured On NASCAR '09

I’ve never been much of a NASCAR guy, but my attention turned in that direction recently while reading an article about Christians rock group Third Day. Buried in the cover article for Billboard magazine is a little blurb about one of Third Day’s tracks being in the upcoming NASCAR ‘09 videogame.

Apparently, Third Day is actively looking into new ways of getting their music out to the mases, and one of the ways they’re doing that is looking into videogames. Their new management company is helping the group find opportunities to do just that, and the first is the band’s new song being featured on the soundtrack for NASCAR ‘09.

Now, I personally have always enjoyed the music of Third Day, and their songs have often been apart of my custom soundtracks for various Xbox 360 games. To hear that they’ll be on a game’s original soundtrack is pretty thrilling, and it also signifies just how much the entertainment world is changing. Whereas videogames were once a small market aimed solely at kids, it’s now becoming dominant part of the entertainment industry and a place for music artists to distribute their music to a wider audience; I’m pretty sure no one saw that coming. Look for NASCAR ‘09 with Third Day’s track “Otherside” to hit stores this summer.

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