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Little House on the Prairie
Free Gift Set!!
Melissa Gilbert is Back as Ma Ingalls

Little House on the Prairie Gift Pack GiveawayCourtesy of a Little House Productions, you can be the one lucky Hollywood Jesus reader to win a prize pack of souvenirs from Little House on the Prairie: The Musical, starring Melissa Gilbert as Ma, now touring nationally.  The prize pack will include some or all of the following (details unavailable at press time): t-shirt, poster, soundtrack, bonnet, and a mug.

To enter for your chance to win this prize pack, submit your details at our Entry Form. On January 3, we’ll draw one winning entry from the tons and tons we know we’ll receive. (U.S. addresses only, please.  18 years or older to enter.) We’ll then ship the prizes to the winner! (Please be aware that details of this prize pack had not been finalized as of press time, and we cannot guarantee the list of contents.)

Bookmark this page and check back here for results, or visit the Sweeps Page or the Winners Page. Also be sure to visit our newsletter signup/update form, and add yourself to our Weekly Giveaways & Promotions Announcements list.

UPDATE: Our winner is Emily Heinzelman.

One entry per person. Entries must be received by 11:59 PM Eastern time the day before the announced drawing. All prizes will be awarded. 18 years or older to enter. U.S. mailing addresses only. No post office boxes. Hollywood Jesus employees and contributors, and their immediate family members, are not eligible. Contest entry serves as affirmation that entrant is qualified. Hollywood Jesus provides no warranty on prizes, or on the content of those prizes. Mailing address will be used only to ship winning prize. See our Privacy Policy.

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33 Responses to “Little House on the Prairie”

  1. James  


  2. Ricka Doerr  

    Loved Little House on Prairie books, know would love this.

  3. Peggy Gorman  

    I still watch this!! Thanks

  4. Danette Butrick  

    I grew up on little house on the Prairie okay not on the prairie but watching the show and read all her books!! This would be so awesome to win !!!!!!! THANK YOU!

  5. Eleanor Jethro  

    I always loved Little House on the Prairie - hope to win this

  6. Mary Lynn Hayes  

    Little House was one of my favorite shows as a young girl.

  7. John  

    I watched this when I was growing up and still watch all the reruns.

  8. Brian Kass  

    Gotta love the Ingalls!

  9. Sharon Nelson  

    My daughter would love this. A big fan of the show.

  10. Susan  

    I remember watching this when I was growing up, would be nice to introduce my kids to this.

  11. Kathy McWherter  

    fun contest


    My wife loved that shown and would like these prizes

  13. sheree paul  


  14. Janelle  

    My mom made me my own bonnet when I was a kid. Loved pretending to be Laura.

  15. Cindy Merrill  

    I am studying History and my dream is to become an Historical reenactor/Food Historian. More than anything else, I want the bonnet, just the bonnet- or an apron, of that era if possible. The rest of the prizes are nice, but unusable in my chosen path of life unless that mug is made of tin, carved wood or pewter.

  16. susan murray  

    It is a great Family Clean Show

  17. Pamela Lee  

    I love this show. It brings back memories. I would love to win this prize.

  18. Debbie Chaney  

    Those were the good ole days!

  19. cheryl cuccia  

    Brings you back to the good old days.

  20. Jennifer  

    I remember watching this every week day! Love IT!!

  21. Alicia  


  22. Joan Greaton  

    Thank you for the contest.

  23. Susan Theragood  

    Thank you. Watched while growing up and still do. Suz

  24. Daria Heck  

    would love to win it

  25. Donna Holmberg  

    Little House on the Prairie has been my favorite series for so many years it’s not funny. My grandmother started me reading the books when I was just 6 years old (I was a voracious early reader), and I started reading the books to my daughter at the same age (she took a bit longer to begin reading them on her own).

  26. Emily B.  

    I saw the Little House on the Prairie production in DeSmet, South Dakota. I bought a picture of Laura Ingalls Wilder and hung it in my 7th grade classroom. Students were constantly asking who the lady in the picture was. Sadly, when I would tell them, 99% didn’t know a thing about Little House on the Prairie.

  27. kimberly moldt  

    i loved little house as a girl

  28. john moldt  

    my little sister loved little house

  29. Vickie  

    I loved watching and pretending to be the little house opn the praire characters.

  30. Debra Schneider  

    Melissa Gilbert as MA is even better than she was as Laura!!

  31. Joyce Long  

    What a great prize

  32. Christina Sly  

    I love this show and I watch it with my kids.

  33. Barb Hanson  

    I always watched Little House on Prairie ,I would love this.

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