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Landmark CBS Miniseries Finally on DVD

Jesus DVD GiveawayCourtesy of Sony Pictures Home Entertainment, you can be one of three lucky Hollywood Jesus readers to win a DVD copy of the 173-minute TV miniseries Jesus, originally aired by CBS in 2000 and now finally out on DVD March 2.

To enter for your chance to win a DVD set, submit your details at our Entry Form. On March 7, we’ll draw three winning entries from the tons and tons we know we’ll receive. (U.S. addresses only, please.  18 years or older to enter.) We’ll then ship DVDs to the winners! (Please be aware that DVDs cannot ship until after the release date.)

Be sure to check out David’s original interview with series producer Lorenzo Minoli!

Bookmark this page and check back here for results, or visit the Sweeps Page or the Winners Page. Also be sure to visit our newsletter signup/update form, and add yourself to our Weekly Giveaways & Promotions Announcements list.

UPDATE: Our winners are Alison Courtois-Chacon, Debra Fey, and Christina Gould.

One entry per person. Entries must be received by 11:59 PM Eastern time the day before the announced drawing. All prizes will be awarded. 18 years or older to enter. U.S. mailing addresses only. No post office boxes. Hollywood Jesus employees and contributors, and their immediate family members, are not eligible. Contest entry serves as affirmation that entrant is qualified. Hollywood Jesus provides no warranty on prizes, or on the content of those prizes. Mailing address will be used only to ship winning prize. See our Privacy Policy.

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36 Responses to “Jesus”

  1. Donna Cooper  

    This a great DVD and story. I would like to have this.

  2. Melanie C  

    I think Jesus is sooo cute….

  3. Patti Shipp  

    I would love to win these DVDS. They sound great!!

  4. Charlotte Winters  

    Thank You for the contest.

  5. Karen Pacifico  

    Would love for my 5 and 7 year old granddaughters

  6. Nancy Hallock  

    My son is a missionary, just returned from the Ukraine, this would be a wonderful tool to use in his ministry!

  7. Debbie Grigsby  

    I will put everything into His hands. He knows everything I need.

  8. Mildred Mayo  

    I know just the person for whom this would be a blessing. Me.

  9. Ann Council  


  10. Stanley Bass  

    Great series!

  11. Stephanie Savoy  

    I always try to leave my problems in Jesus hands, but I sometimes forget and try to do things on my own.

  12. Danny Elliott  

    Oh Jesus I would love.

  13. Leah Allen  

    I would love to win this to show to my family.

  14. Sarah Konichek  

    I would love to share this with my family.

  15. Linda Willmann  

    We would use these with our youth group and our International Ministry for Japanese families living in Michigan. We could also share with the church down the street.

  16. Debra G  

    Awesome giveaway!

  17. justin cazel  

    one of the better Jesus movies made

  18. John  

    One of the best films ever produced!

  19. Charles Adair  

    Nice prize

  20. Frances  

    would love to have copy!

  21. jenny hebert  

    Great family film


    i would love to see this.

  23. Jan Below  

    so lost with out Jesus in our lives

  24. Lynda Hawkins  

    wonderful gift, thanks

  25. Connie Collins  

    I would love to own this set.

  26. Connie Collins  

    this would be a great set to own.

  27. sheila veit  

    nice prize

  28. Janice Melton  

    Really enjoy your site..

  29. Kat Emerick  

    I have always wanted to see this. Thanks for a chance.

  30. lonne  

    heard only great reviews,thanks and enjoy

  31. Claudia  

    Hope I win. Love to share with friends. Thanks

  32. Tim & Pam Andrews  

    We would love to win the DVD and would excitly view it with our Youth Group and the whole congregation. There’s a joy and peace in knowing there are all kinds of ways to share Jesus’ message, and love! Thanks

  33. Bob Henry  

    I like to win this DVD.

  34. Maria Padilla  

    Would love to see with my whole family.

  35. michelle stewart  

    I would love to see this movie

  36. janet judson  

    Would like to see movie and share with my friends at church.

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