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Family friendly smashes aliens in the face!

battlesmashPublisher: Viper Comics
Writer: Dale Mettem
Artist: Armando Zanker

Are you ready for more Whacks!, Whams!, and Smak!’s than a 1960’s Batman serial? Ready to watch 5 large, spandex clad wrestler heroes defy the odds and defeat the enemies of freedom? Then it’s time you picked up Battle Smash vs the Saucermen from Venus!

In the same vein as many of the titles from Viper Comics, Battle Smash is full of action and adventure, humor and fun, but without the spurting blood, revealing body suits, and blatant language. Remember how the Ninja Turtles used to make you laugh? It was funny how much Michelangelo loved pizza, or how good Raphael’s Bogart impersonation was. You could always count on Leonardo to make the right decision and Donatello to have just the right gadget for the situation.

Viper is a unique publisher in the comics world right now, producing fun, interesting, family friendly concepts. When so many publishers (including the big 2) have left behind the days of the Comics Code, and moved into a Frank Miller/Alan Moore sense of seemingly mature-only content, it’s refreshing to get a taste of the light and low key. Don’t get me wrong, I love seeing the gritty and gross when it’s done right, but I want my kids to have some kind of middle ground to ease them into the concept of graphic (by which I mean visual) storytelling.

Things today aren’t as simple, but they should be. That, along with the whimsical action and sensible, humorous writing is why I enjoyed Battle Smash.


This time, the 5 masked wrestlers are up against the Saucer Men from Venus (not to be confused with the Saucer Men from Mars who they faced before). Just as it seems the guys will get a solid day off to relax at Battle Smash Manor, their liason, Bunny, calls in an emergency. Within minutes, the team is in the air and on their way to London to stops a serious saucer invasion. They quickly discover that things aren’t as simple as they first seem (twist!!), and the adventure begins.


It’s easy to get caught up in today’s pessimistic, unintelligent humor. Things are only funny if they’re blatant and bold, which often requires a sacrifice of intelligence and creativity. I may love shows like Robot Chicken and Family Guy, but I recognize that they require very little of my brain, except to recognize their crassness. God wants more from our minds than that.

Humor is important, and the Bible is chalk full of it. It doesn’t always translate well, but it’s there. Our brains have the capacity for conceptualizing the funny for a good reason. Primarily, as a survival mechanism. We experience a great deal of freedom from oppression in this modern world, but that’s a recent development. Humor has always served as a way to overthrow the mental hold rulers have on a people.

Political cartoons and anti-propoganda are an ancient tradition, dating back to the beginning of civilization, and something Christ took advantage of to spread the Truth. Let the tales of characters like the Battle Smash team resonate in your subconscious, and learn to appreciate the simplicity of humor again. More importantly, realize that you can share this with the young, without fear of disturbing fragile minds. Just like a good Pixar film, I can confidently enjoy this story with my children.

Unify your sense of humor, and free yourself from the forced, far out nature of modern comedy, pick up Battle Smash.

Find the closest comic shop to you HERE!

2 Responses to “Battle Smash vs the Saucermen from Venus”

  1. Arnaldo  

    Love it man. Going to have to check it out, and some of their other titles as well.

  2. Jesse Johnson  

    Definitely do. My personal favorite from Viper is Lost Books of Eve, here’s my review of it:


    We also did an interview with the Creator Josh Howard, here:


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