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New DLC Adds New Multiplayer Options
More Multiplayer Means More Fun

Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit recently got some additions to its multiplayer with the Armed and Dangerous DLC. This pack offers up two new multiplayers modes and they’re both a lot of fun.

The first mode is Most Wanted, and it’s my new favorite. Here the players are split into teams of Cops and Racers with one of the Racers being designated as The Most Wanted. The Cops have to bust The Most Wanted Racer to win, and the Racers have to help The Most Wanted to escape in order to win. Much mayhem and chaos ensues when this mode gets started. It’s fast, intense, and a blast to play. However, this is especially one mode where I wish the lobby system was a bit different. Teamwork among friends helps, but it’s hard to get your friends into a game when you can’t just bring in your Xbox Live party like you can in other games.

The second mode is Arms Race. This is all Racers trying to get to the finish line, but you have all of your weapons available to you as your ace. EMP blast people out of your way, slow them down with spike strips, out race them with a turbo boost; it’s no-holds-barred, anything goes, get to the finish line first by any means possible. This mode is all about the action.

The Armed and Dangerous Pack is available now for both Xbox Live and PSN, and it’s definitely worth the 560 Microsoft points or about $6.

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