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If So, What Does It Mean?

So the internet is abuzz with an impending announcement from Nintendo. Many believe it will address some of the issues facing the 3DS. Does this mean a redesign? Perhaps a new version without 3D? Something in between? Most of that seems pretty unlikely, but perhaps some of the thunder from the upcoming press conference has been stolen by leaks in Famitsu magazine that show a new peripheral that adds a second circle pad to the 3DS. In word; interesting.

The peripheral itself looks somewhat similar to the recharging cradle for the 3DS. The right side of the cradle extends out with a second circle pad and its own shoulder trigger. The other side fits up against the system nice and snug. Along with this revelation is another one; the 3DS is getting Monster Hunter (at least in Japan). Obviously, the two are connected. To play Monster Hunter, two analog sticks or two circle pads are a must. In fact, to play just about any sort of game after the N64 one would need a second circle pad. If you’ve been wondering why a system as powerful as the 3DS hasn’t seen any Gamecube ports, which it could easily handle, well there you go. Sure it manage them graphically, but the controls would be a mess on a system with just one analog controller.

Many questions still remain, of course. Will this peripheral only be for Monster Hunter? Will it herald a whole new slew of Gamecube ports? Will third-party developers get on board with the possibilities of a less restrictive control layout? And how much is this thing going to cost? Most importantly, would you want to attach this thing to your 3DS?

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