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Chronicles of Narnia
Doug Gresham Confirms Walden Option Expired
Narnia News Blog Update

I am at present listening to a live interview with Doug Gresham on Middle-earth Radio. Mr. Gresham confirmed the rumor that Walden Media’s option for a fourth Narnia film has expired. For more about what that might mean, see Paul Martin’s article on NarniaFans.com at this link: More information on the Future of Narnia on Film.

Gresham also confirmed that he is in the very early stages of developing a full-blown stage production of The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe.

At a later date, I will have more information about the interview, including a link to the promised recording of the conversation when it is available. You may be able to catch the tail end of the live broadcast if you are quick. Here is the link: Middle-earth Radio.

2 Responses to “Chronicles of Narnia”

  1. Greg Wright  

    Almost literally astounding. Five years ago, Walden had almost an exclusive lock on the live-action family market with solid branding and an almost Pixar-like record of success. But since Caspian it’s been misstep after misstep. Hard to believe. This amounts to simply walking away from a revenue stream of hundreds of millions of dollars.

  2. Mark Sommer  

    It makes me wonder what happened behind the scenes to cause all this to happen. I also wonder what effect the death of Perry Moore had on things falling apart.
    Doug also said it will be at least three to four years before they will be able to proceed, which may mean it will be well into the last half of this decade before we see another movie in theaters.

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