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Issue #6
That Was...Interesting

Writer: Judd Winnick
Art: Guillem March, Tomeu Morey
Publisher: DC Comics

Interesting. I didn’t know quite what to expect when checking in on the new Catwoman series for the first time. Obviously I knew I’d be a little behind on what’s happening, but that didn’t matter all that much. Catwoman took something she shouldn’t have and those people want it back. She’s in over her head and has to find a way out yada yada yada, seems like pretty typical Catwoman stuff. Still, there were some small surprises for me in this issue (so, minor SPOILER warning).Truth be told, I had a little trouble getting handle on this version of Catwoman. My familiarity with the character is that of a woman who is smart, self-possessed, extremely confident and entirely capable of handling herself. My impression of this Catwoman is one more of a rookie. She seems unsure, she seems to make dumb choices, and the only thing she seems assured of is that men will want to have sex with her. A slightly different take on the character, and one that felt very unfamiliar. However, I am coming in to this series with issue #6, so maybe my read is off somewhat.

Now, as to the surprises. I was surprised to see Catwoman bite someone’s ear off. That bloody episode seemed a little out of place with the otherwise light-hearted dialogue that came before it. The other surprise was Batman and Catwoman have apparently been rather “close” on a regular basis in this series. Really? Part of the fun of their relationship was the whole Moonlighting factor of them wanting to be together but never really could. Here, apparently, no such hindrance; they just went for it, I guess. Am I the only one that thinks that’s a little weird, kind of pathetic, and cheapens these characters? I probably am, but that’s okay; I’m just saying.

Most of the on-going series in the New 52 have reached that point where new readers may be coming in on the middle of major story arcs, and somehow there has to be enough, even if someone is just showing up for the first time like I did here with Catwoman #6, to not only grab their attention but to also hold for not only upcoming issues but for the back issues as well. Catwoman does neither, which more than anything, maybe its biggest crime.

Score: 4/7

A BIG thanks to Astro-Zombies for providing the material for this review. Learn more about them at astrozombies.com. And watch our Facebook and Twitter for a chance to win free comics during Free Comics Friday.

4 Responses to “Catwoman”

  1. JLD  

    I haven’t been reading ANY of the New 52 but I’ve been reading a lot ABOUT them and this series’ claim to fame seems to be the constant coupling between Batman and Catwoman. And you’re absolutely correct– Their characters are immediately cheapened by there being no chase to the relationship! Sure, sure– I haven’t actually READ the series so maybe I don’t know what I’m talking about. Oh don’t I? Doesn’t the same rule apply to something more real-world than comics like, I don’t know, DATING?

    I’m very disappointed with the road DC is taking these beloved characters down.


  2. Yo  

    Excellent comment, JLD, thanks for sharing. You’re not that far off at all. In fact, in case anyone’s interested, I’m doing an article on how sex is treated in the New 52 and how it relates to real-world experiences and the consequences of it. The new issue for Static Paper is out March 1st. Here’s the link if you’re interested in reading more on this very subject when the next issue comes out.

  3. JLD  

    I just found this article at Comics Alliance. Thought it was right up the same avenue that we were discussing and might be some fuel for your next thingy…



  4. Arnaldo Reyes  

    I too read that comics alliance article yesterday. And it’s sad, how some artists draw (or write) just for the exploitation. I never picked up this Catwoman series because of everything I read in it. Shouldn’t the characters be more than sex figures? Where’s the female character that I’m going to expose to my daughter? Strong female characters that do not revolve around being “sex objects” is an endangered species in comics.

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